Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Rock in a Hard Place

Last week the contractors took out over 14 truck loads of dirt from the site and left a hole almost 7 feet deep. Unfortunately they couldn't take everything away...and what they left behind became Brendon's homework over the weekend. In the pit was a huge rock, one so big that it couldn't be dug up, but in too critical a place to be left behind. With instructions from the Smallworks team that we needed to find a way to take at least four inches off the top we evaluated our options. The first thing we could do would be to blow it up. This would require hiring some other contractors that would drill down into the rock and pack the holes with an mixture that when hard would crack the boulder so that it could be extracted. The price tag on that would be around $700.

The second option we had was to rent a diamond saw from RONA and pick up a sledgehammer. The price tag - $50. Can anyone guess which option won?

What Brendon thought he'd be able to get done in 4 hours took him almost 10 hours... and we're not even sure it's enough. I have to admit that on this task I did close to zero. I tried to swing the sledgehammer once and I think that I shook a little dust off the rock but that's it. This one couldn't have happened without my man!

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