Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The hole

WARNING: This blog post is all over the place - likely the result of adrenaline and exhaustion.

Destruction is satisfying. While people all across Canada spent time eating turkey this weekend, we were ripping down fences, uprooting plants and removing flagstone. I have to admit, I never thought that tearing things down would be so much fun! Maybe because (unlike building) you don't need to be exact and probably because it also involves sledge hammers [sigh].

Today was the day we've been dreaming about for a year now - the building phase has begun. An excavator and seven dump trucks full of dirt and we are now the proud owners of a huge crater in the backyard of Brendon's parents backyard. Despite the anticipation, it is only now (at 10pm) that I am fully realizing the magnitude of today's accomplishments. This probably has something to do with the fact that along with 'the big dig' we had take our cat to a veterinary dermetologist, I had a doctors appointment, we had to finalize the contract, sort out our first payment and go to work.

Yes, you read correctly. We did in fact take our cat to a doctor that specializes in skin disorders for pets. I had a moment a few days ago when I could feel the weight of the house payments looming and for a second I felt like Brendon and I were exiting the freedom of DINKdom and entering the weightiness of adult responsibilities. Our appointment today with the cat reconfirmed that despite the move to 'homeownership' we are still clearly DINKS. Before going to the appointment I had to fill out and 8 page questionnaire for Steven. One of the questions (and I am not kidding) was the following:
Has your pet been out of his or her usual environment recently (i.e. vacation, play date, day-care, visit to family or friends, kennel, pet-sitter, etc.)?

Look at how cute he is in the hole! cutchie, cutchie, coo....

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  1. Congrats! Being in the hole is a great way to live in your thirties. Now the fun really begins as you fill it with loads great things, fun and memories.

    Can't wait to read about the next phase of your big mini build!
    A-S & B