Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haunted by Construction

Happy Hallow e'en everyone. The Purdy family is joining in the fun with a haunted house of their own. With both the back and the front of the propery turned into a construction zone the whole lot looks eerie and frightening.

I came home from a girls weekend in Victoria this evening and was met by the results of two more days of digging. [sigh] I don't know how Barbara is handling it. It must be difficult for her to see everything her and Roger have planted and nurtured over the last 17 years, ripped up in a single afternoon. While I get depressed, Brendon reminds me that we have to keep our eyes on the end result - when we'll have a beautiful home and hopefully a green space restored to its original beauty.


  1. WOW you two! This is incredible. So exciting to see progress! When's the ETMI (estimated time of move in)?

  2. Looks like end of February we'll be in!

  3. you were definitely the scariest house on the block!
    nice to see the photos of what goes on while I'm at work
    "Your neighbour across the lane"