Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two weeks + infinity

The most common question we get these days is "are you in yet?" and believe it or not - we're not. 

The house will not finish itself. You'd think that by only being 500 square feet, it would be way easier to put together. The truth is though, is that size doesn't matter. Yup. You heard it here first. And to throw another awkward analogy into the mix, "Building a house is kind of like going on a camping trip. Whether you go for two days or a week - you pretty much need all the same stuff." And is seems to be the small things - like finding the camping utensils - or in our case finishing the baseboards, that seem to take the most time. 

We've been saying 'two weeks' since March and I'm starting to feel a little like a sheep in wolf's clothing. But after a conversation with our friends at Smallworks on Friday, I'm feeling confident that we'll be in by mid June. So - two weeks till we can officially say two weeks. 

Brendon is in St. Lucia shooting a wedding. Not to be the one to slow down progress on the house, I borrowed a table saw and a mitre saw so that I could work on finishing the baseboards. I finally had it all set up, cut and measured a few pieces and was ready to go. I just needed to make one small trip to the hardware store. Off I went and upon my return I dug into my pockets for the keys to the house and... they weren't there. The house was locked and I couldn't find my keys anywhere. I spent almost the entire day looking for them - 5 hours to be exact. Finally, once I'd almost given up I noticed a shiny bit of metal on the sidewalk. Low and behold it was our house key.  

Ugh. It just wasn't meant to be today. I'm packing it up an watching the hockey game. 

P.s. You probably notice the absence of photos. Brendon returns (with a sunburn apparently) and we'll be back to sharing photos and videos with our posts. 


  1. Great kitchen job - great job throughout.
    We're doing a very small back yard apartment in Toronto. Do you mind telling us what you used for the countertop in the kitchen? It looks really good,
    like a solid surface but it also looks like you applied some kind of laminate.

  2. Hi Alan,
    We used Paperstone. Check out an earlier post in February called "the cheep environmentalist" for all of the details. We love it!