Sunday, May 8, 2011

If you can't get David Suzuki...

One of the benefits of working at the David Suzuki Foundation is that there are opportunities that come your way that would just never happen in a normal office setting. For example, on Friday one of the guys that sits across from me got a call from Daryl Hannah hoping to brainstorm with David about a movie she was working on. Something similar (though not as spectacular) happened to me about a week ago. A local paper - the Westender - contacted the Foundation to see if they could profile David's home for a column called My Digs. They had just profiled the home of Vancouver's Mayor Gregor Robertson and thought that following the success of that article, the Doc (an environmental icon) would have an interesting space to share with their readership. As often happens with a man that gets thousands of requests a month, David wasn't able to do it...but we were!

So this week I submitted answers to a series of questions on our home. Since the Westender profiles finished homes, we bought ourselves extra time to 'fake' the finished product, by negotiating that Brendon would shoot the photo for the article. We cleaned furiously, strategically placed flowers over open sockets and chose an angle that didn't reveal the fact that we were missing a hood fan. The finished product should be online soon. But in the meantime, take a look at this great little video Brendon did of our kitchen coming together. (It ends with the photo that will appear in the Westender.)


  1. Wow, congrats! Love the video and can't wait to see the Westender story and photos. I always read the My Digs column as it's gives you an interesting sneak peak into people's homes. It will be so cool to see you guys in there.
    What a wonderful ending to this amazing home-building adventure.

  2. Looks amazing!! As an Undergraduate Interior Designer who is Eco,LEED,Green and 3R design driven. I love what you guys are doing with your Smallworks Home. Keep it up, your Doing Great!!!

    N. Lyons

  3. Thanks Nicky. Any favourite tip you've learned as a designer that everyone should know?

  4. amazed at the progess of your home!!! I am in the process of planning and designing to build a home with a laneway house.
    I look forward to your Open House for some inspiration!! You have done looks stunning in the pictures. Akua asked......any favourite tips??