Monday, May 24, 2010

The sketches are in!

A couple of weeks ago Brendon and I wrote about our experience working with Kate from Smallworks. She had spent almost three hours at our dinning room table, helping us define the kind of space we wanted for our home. Armed with a list of requirements and insider information on the kind of people we were, Kate went away to sketch and draft. She came back to us on Thursday with a number of doodles - the exciting first drafts of our home. Once we give her feedback these drawings will help the architect create blueprints of the building that will become our mini home.

When we opened up the drawings we knew immediately that we liked what we saw. We were especially excited by the special touches like the bed that can be hidden away into the wall and the three folding doors that open out onto the patio. We're still trying to think through a few changes like adding balcony, moving the stairs and making the kitchen into an L shape. All in all though we like where this is going.

When Kate sent us the sketches, she also sent along a document that listed the all of our project specs. We couldn't help giggling when on page 12 we came across a list of the intented occupants and their details (a.k.a US). Not only had Smallworks poked fun at my 'perceived' height, they went as far as to include the details of our baby - Cat Steven Purdy the first.

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