Monday, March 22, 2010

Starting out

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon

We've been planning this day for months now, ever since we first decided that we were going to build a home in Brendon's parents backyard. Since October, several opportunities to start blogging came and went - like our first trip to City Hall to navigate through what we'd need to do to make this project happen, or the Saturday spent in Chapters pouring through Build Your Own Home for Dummies books and the first meeting we had with a financial advisor to figure out how to fund this project. But Brendon and I wanted to be ready and none of those moments were just right. Finally with winter nearing its end, we were starting to feel like we were ready to go public and start this project 'officially'. We had everything lined up. I had figured out the blog and we had gotten some great custom artwork done to add a personal touch to the web pages. (Thank you Jenny!) We had decided on a design/build company that we wanted to work with and had set-up a meeting for this afternoon. Brendon was to meet at Smallworks and we were going to begin negotiating the contract. All of this was going to be posted online by the afternoon. But then life happened.

I got a call from a good Samaritan about 30 minutes before we were supposed to be at our meeting. She was with Brendon who had been in a motorcycle accident. He was conscious but in a lot of pain and the ambulance was on its way. With the name of the hospital in hand, I quickly jumped into the car and rushed over to emergency. I found Brendon on a stretcher with a neck brace and a very swollen left leg. He had been hit by a car at about 50 km an hour and had flown over the hood and landed 10 feet away. Despite his injuries Brendon was in good spirits and had already wooed the ambulance attendants and nurses into helping him document everything via photos and video on his iphone. By the time I had come and gone to get him a few things from home, he had gotten even more comfortable - giving out several business cards to potential clients. That said, all is not perfect. Brendon broke his tibia and fibula and will be going into surgery tomorrow. I'll be with him and I'll let you all know how he's doing once he's out.

While this isn't exactly what I thought I would be writing about for the first entry on our blog, I'm so grateful that he's okay and I'm still going to get to build this dream home with the love of my life.



  1. Hope you feel better soon.. that's a lot of important bones in your leg. are you guys going to have a ground breaking ceremony? with big scissors and a golden shovel?

  2. Holy shmoly! And after a 5000km round trip to Vegas!!!

    Heal quickly Purdyman!

    The Hi - man!

  3. Ah, so I finally understand what's happened - guess I hadn't read the blog when I emailed you. Well I hope you are both in good form when I get to Vancouver and if you are even building, I'd happily help out...

  4. Hi Brendon - Is this view looking into or out of the toilet? Glad you're on the mend!