Thursday, March 25, 2010


I couldn't help but snap a photo of Brendon in the hopital bed. Take a look at what is says on his bracelet. The medical reason it says NUTS is because he has a serious allergy to all kinds of the dry fruit, except for almonds. On Monday when Brendon was in better spirits and under the influence of fewer drugs, he joked with the nurses about being accidentally shot up with peanuts. Today, the worst appears to be over. He came through the operation really well and now has screws holding everything in place. He came home yesterday and while he's definately still struggling with nausea and pain, he's on the slow road to recovery - six to eight weeks of crutches.

The deeper meaning behind the bracelet must be obvious to all of you - right? Well if you were thinking something along the lines of motorcycles, fair enough. But that's not what I'm getting to here. We'll have that conversation later.

NUTS is a good way to describe how others secretly feel about what we are about to do. Don't lie to me! I know what you are thinking. I have to admit, I've had the same thoughts you're having right now. It's definitely not the traditional dream. Not many people imagine themselves actively seeking to live two blueberry bushes away from their in-laws. The truth is that Brendon and I do feel a little NUTS taking this on. I'm in my 30s and I'm building a home in my partners' parents backyard. Everything about that sounds crazy and creepy.

So a good question might be, "Why are we doing it?"

Well our first goal is to have a home and Barbara and Roger have been generous enough to open up their backyard for that possibility. For those of you that are familiar with real estate prices in Vancouver, this aspect cannot be underestimated. A dump in a crappy neighbourhood starts at $700K in this city. Neither one of us want to live in the burbs so building a mini home means we can stay in the heart of Vancouver. Second of all, we want to build a green small home, one that treads lightly on the world and perhaps can help show others how to do the same. We have a lot to learn but I am really excited about how much we'll know one year from now. Third, having family close by has been wonderful and truth be told - we've really enjoyed it. Barbara and Roger have been amazing pillars of support for us and if we want to extend our family beyond our cat someday, having babysitters a couple of feet away won't be too bad either...

So call us NUTS. I know you're thinking it. Now you know that we know you've thought it.

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