Friday, December 16, 2011

Brendon and Akua get hitched.

Well, we did it. Last week we took off to Hawaii and tied the knot. Not quite in time to substantiate the amazing article written about us (as a married couple) in BC Business Magazine. But at least in time to give ourselves the best Christmas present ever - the title of husband and wife. :-)

You might imagine that being married to a photographer would have some perks - like photos. But sadly, I have none to share with you just yet. What I will tell you is that we did it our way. By ourselves, on the beautiful island of Kona. We did it on a deserted beach standing on a lava shelf. Sea turtles lay sprinkled lay in the sand around us warming themselves as the last few rays of sun set on the ocean horizon.

I was given a book soon afterwards by a colleague with advice for married couples. Here is a picture of one of my favourite pieces of advice for Newlyweds. It's from a girly magazine - written in 1949.

Not the most positive or life affirming advice but interesting nonetheless. Any thoughts for newlyweds living in a small home?

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  1. Brendan and Akua: We are enjoying your blog so much since we visited during your open house last spring (?). As a Marriage and Family Therapist I was a little horrified by the outdated blurb and I know you meant it tongue-in-cheek. In those days it was all intuition, today thank goodness advice is backed up with solid research. The best researcher is John Gottman, which he shares in all of his books but especially, The Seven Principles for Making your Marriage Work. And, frankly, it doesn't matter what size of space unless and until you have children then, well, call me.... ;)


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