Friday, June 17, 2011

Well it's not quite a riot but...

...we're hosting our Open House tomorrow and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. Come one and come all to 3597 West 23rd Ave (just off Dunbar). There will be treats, info on building green and a chance to meet my in-laws.

If you can't make it, take a look at this Globe and Mail article on us that will run tomorrow in the BC Real Estate section and ran today in the Ontario paper. Seems like when it rains it pours so we also got an article in the Westender Magazine. As soon as I get an electronic copy, I post the link.
See you this weekend!


  1. Hi Brendon and Akua, Noticed that you had the LG dual washer and dryer inyour kitchen. I've been thinking about this option for my own project for quite a while but have had no luck finding anyone who can give feedback as to how great or ungreat it is. Or for that matter where to buy cost effectively. What has your experience been with it? Is it really an energy saver? Sturdy? Does it wash and dry as well as a more conventional option? Finally, any tips on finding a deal? The cheapest I've seen it for (Home Depot, Toronto area) is $2k (ouch!).

    Thx so much. Love it all.

  2. congratz on completion! we're visiting from victoria (...always interested in bldg projects), might drop by your OH today, 19th.

    ...except for the crowds. in RE cazy Vr (we used to live near the Drive) can imagine you're going to be deluged). but hope not for your sake and ours.


  3. I saw the article in the G&M and I'm wondering if I missed something? The total budget was $280,000 and your parents still own the land? If that is the case then your construction costs were $560/sf but the article mentions that you guys did a lot of the work? I have to be missing something unless the bathroom is finished with solid gold fixtures and finishes? I live in Kelowna so I'm quite interested to find out...thanks..

  4. So for a total of $280K we have a separate home with 500 feet of living space and 210 feet of garage. We also have a 250 square foot crawl space. The extra expenses for us came from building up (a second storey) and building down (the crawl space). In total in it comes to just under $400 per square foot. It's not cheep but neither is Vancouver and it is much less expensive than a new condo in the city. What it means for us is an exercise in co-ownership. This is not just an interesting arrangement, its becoming a necessity in a city where housing prices are divorced from salaries. We devised a formula with Brendon's folks to assess the value of the 'improvement' or laneway home over time and mechanisms to extract our equity if necessary. Hope this helps! Write me here with more questions: