Saturday, March 19, 2011

Locked out for a week

This month we handed back the keys to Smallworks to begin some of the finishings. Today after one week of being locked out of our home we gingerly opened the door to discover our beautiful floors. The concrete had been poured, polished and set and suddenly the main floor is really starting to look finished. See for yourself.


  1. Looks big, and I thought it was a mini home! Very nice. What is left to do and when is hand over date? Dad

  2. Ahh, the impact of a wide angle lens. ;-)

    That said it does feel pretty spacious especially with the loft and high ceiling. I wish I could say beginning of April but we're waiting on our kitchen cabinets and they're delayed so we'll be looking at later in April.


  3. Those floors are beautiful. Your swimming on the concrete on the other hand is hilarious! Did you end up finding your own cabinets or going with custom ones from smallworks. We looked at the ones in the West House and they are so the kind we would want if our building dream ever becomes a reality!

  4. We ended up going with another type of kitchen cabinets. The product we chose is Greenlam. It's a green laminant that is pretty inexpensive, beautiful and a leader when it comes to environmental sustainability. They are going in this Wednesday so stay tuned!