Monday, January 17, 2011

Prime to fight

My friend Lindsay suggested that the Home Depot should have couples counseling available at their exits. She's not kidding. I would not be surprised to hear that many relationships ended at the checkout counter in the big box store. It's amazing how many things there are to argue about. Brendon and I spent almost 10 minutes debating what length of extender we should buy for our paint brushes. Add another 5 minutes for the argument about what products we should use for our window casing and then wrap it up with a fiery fight about lighting.

Luckily, we were more productive this weekend priming our walls and ceilings. Next step - add colour....I can feel another argument coming.


  1. Unless bikes are involved, my money is on Akua to mop up....Sorry Brendon...when it comes to paint, take my word I've learned the hard way....the ladies rule with an iron brush. If things get too vicious and you need to beat a retreat, come and help me decorate my man cave.

  2. Jaime. You are the best. Keep on nudging Brendon toward using his brawn not his brains. :) Akua