Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where's the wood?

I guess it slipped my mind. In my rush to tell you about the demise of our cherry tree, I neglected to share with you where you can expect to see the wood. Thanks to all of your suggestions, we'll have a few winners who will be receiving their prize.

First of all - the branches and leaves were sent to the City of Vancouver compost where they were ground down so that they could be used to make compost and ultimately the soil that the city will use in the spring.

We kept all of a larger branches and the trunks and will be milling them once they are dry. To keep them from cracking, immediately after they had been sawed up, I sealed the end with a waxy solution. This will keep the wood in the best condition possible while it drys. We plan to use the wood to make a beautiful frame for a piece of art that will hang above our kitchen. We should still have some wood left over after that but until we know how much, we won't reveal the other places that it will be used.

One last bit of salvaged wood came as a surprise to me. As we dug up the root ball we noticed that the roots were incredibly thick in places. We were able to carve up a few pieces and we hope to use this wood for wood chips in our barbecue. Apparently, the cherry smoke adds delicious flavours to meat and fish.

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