Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small home, even smaller priorities

Earlier this year a Whiskas commercial came out that totally mirrored our relationship with our cat, Steven Purdy. The first time we saw it we cramped up laughing.

As D.I.N.K.S Brendon and I can totally relate to this guy, so much so that our cat has begun to feature quite heavily into our mini home design. For example, our front entrance will include a cat door so that Steven can gain more independence and go in and out of the house at his leisure. We are also considering a catnip patch on the roof for his amusement.

Currently, Steven is recovering from a nasty cat fight and a potential mite infestation. As a result, he has been sporting the 'cone of shame' for the last four days. Brendon couldn't get enough of the photographic potential and has been documenting his recovery.

Who's the most handsome prince!

Here we are on a picnic!

Ps. The garage sale went really well and we not only cleared out lots of stuff but we brought in a good amount of dough as well.

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